Lao Tzu


…”this is why I do what I do”…


Oh Shelley! The artwork is so so beautiful ❤️😭 I picked it up today and I’m honestly just so in love. I’m beyond grateful for all your help with making this happen. I can’t wait to look at this every day & be reminded of how much I love Africa.

– Sarah P, Australia

We received today. Thank you so much, it’s beautiful.

– Tom G, UK

Aaaah now I am the one feeling emotional. I meant every word. “If Not Now” has changed my life. She makes me so happy and that is priceless. Your work is beautiful and empowering. I love your humility and grace….You are an incredible artist x

– Anneret M, UK

Just hung art. Even more stunning in real life!!! Sooo happy. Everybody loves it.❤️ The painting was all we needed to upgrade that part of the house which is quite dark. And the art makes me thoughtful and not sad. I can just sit there and look at it. Thank you for bringing an extra dimension into our daily life.❤️

– Tone V, Norway

Shelley! Oh my God! You let my heart speechless when I found out that the paper was a letter written by you.❤️❤️❤️ You warmth our hearts with your beautiful words. We appreciate them from the bottom of our hearts!! Your art is amazing, beautiful and breathtaking…congrats on that talent of yours! I’ll reach out to you again soon. Big hugs Shelley!

– Emma G, Mexico

GOSH! It’s beautiful! I need more!!!

– Reuben O, UK

Hola. I finally got a chance to see my prints properly today when I took them to the framer. They are STUNNING. Thanks so much!

– Bridget F, Spain

Oh how beautiful!! Green is my favorite color and the pillows make my room pop!! I can’t wait for my visitors to see them! My art is amazing! Her eyes are so piercing. I’m so in love with it!! Thank God for your talents!

– Tessa G, USA

Oh Shelley – so I waited for Kendra to come back to me and we’ve just opened it together. We cried. A lot. She is BEYOND beautiful. She brings me more joy you could ever imagine. WOW. I’m speechless.

– Igna H, UK

We opened the art and absolutely LOVE it – thank you so much! It is even better than we remembered. We dropped it off at the framers this weekend so hopefully it will be on our wall soon!

Thank you again – we are thrilled!

– Nerina E, UK